Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carved In Love

I sit here , jotting down my thoughts into words, thinking of him,missing him . But I know he must be doing the same , missing me and smiling at thoughts of me. Does it matter if  he doesn't express it in words? Does it even count that he can't write down his feelings into a prose? No it doesn't. All that matters is , he was the first one to engrave my name onto his heart. Engrave so intense that it can never be erased , can never be wiped off like the mere words put down on a piece of paper that can be destroyed by any mean and then there is no mark left . No proof that those words ever existed. But the writings on his heart are so visible to me because every time he looks into my eyes , what I see is the depth of emotions , the feelings, the burning desire of making me his only and the urge to scream and tell the world that yes she is mine.
 At times my eyes shed tears of I don't know happiness or what at his selflessness, at his unparalled love. And after that my eyes envision more clearly & the straight line under my nose turns to a downward curve , my cheeks bulge out and my heart races . Because it hides secretly a marking ,similar to the one he possesses.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

O Allah Be There!

Prof is so near
Oh Allah this burden
help us bear
You are the Only one
to Whom I'm so dear
I know You won't let me
be in fear
And I won't shed a tear
Because with Your help
every exam I can clear.
This is my humble prayer
for all the fellows I care
May we pass through
this somber time
like a rocketeer .

Ameen .


Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Here I am struck, struck by two
If one is caring ,other one is true,
I feel devastated and my world is torn
And here I lay in the land forlorn,
These depressing thoughts will drive me mad
Now I wish that none I ever had,
Done with the weeping and shedding of tears
What I need is to overcome my fears,
But now I have this, this decision I made
Get rid of this insanity and give yourself a break,
Stop caring about others and their lives
Its yours only yours happiness for which you should strive.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All About Him

He is the one who brings smile on my face
He is the one with un paralled grace,
He is a beauty , he's a perfection
And to me he always shows affection,
His words like melody , his touch ecstasy
His eyes take me to the land of fantasy,
Where I will love him for all my life
For that no matter how hard i'd have to strive,
His breath a fragrance, his embrace an evasion
To the heavens of delectation, the asylum of gratifications,
His caress a temptation, His glance a realization
Of the dreams of felicitation
Of the fantasies once envisioned,
And his Smile
His smile a satisfaction, an avocation, a medication, an incantation.


Monday, July 30, 2012

A Shooting Star

Sitting by the window pane
I stare right up
Into the bleak ceiling of gloom
Gleaming in which are pearls large and small,
I wonder if their life is just as mine
That if they have to glisten all the time,
Without any expectation of taking back
Giving all the empowerment silently no clack,
There right in the middle that star is dim
Hey, why do you look so sad & grim,
Did someone betray you without any sin
Took away your liveliness in a round prelim
Oh you! We seem just akin,
But Hey! Don't you lose your heart dear
Once this sheer darkness shatters it will be all clear,
Stop thinking about those who don't care
Those at you who taunt and sneer,
Get up and glaze now in full power
Because this world will put you down every hour,
Stand upright without any quivering
Shine upon the darkness and continue delivering,
On those who actually do have a concern
Their cheer and happiness you gotta earn,
Suddenly in the night sky there was a sharp fizz
I saw a streak of light and heard a whiz,
I smiled and kept staring at the bloom
Knowing someone has realized its worth & now there will be no gloom.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Of Rain And Hope

Goodbye to the bad days
Days of affliction and dismay,
Here comes a brand new day
Enlightening my life all the way,
The sky is all stained in grey
Darting in which there is a band of jays,
 The chirping birds singing the song of praise
And the cool breeze adding to its grace,
The gentle wind blowing her fringe away
As she whispers farewell to the gloomy days,
The cottony balls drenched in black
Flowing past the head in undulating gait,
She jumps in joy and cries out all gay
Hello clouds of bliss stay here and don't you sway,
Spreading her arms like a carefree bird
She soars high in the joyous moment her prayers heard,
As the first drop touches her skin
The smile on her lips turns to a grin,
She flutters in the showers like there's no tomorrow
No more spells of grief no sorrow,
As the flowers sprout on a dwindling bough
There is accomplishment of the unfulfilled vows .


Monday, July 23, 2012

Beggary - an evil or a Compulsion .

Few days back I was entering my college and I saw an old man sitting near the college gate and was begging for alms. He was looking totally wretched and distressed. I glanced at him and entered the college and as I took one step a thought clicked my mind , what if he is really needy and has no money to get even a single meal, what if he is not faking and is poverty-stricken, what if he has no money to make his both ends meet. And then I reversed my steps and gave some money to the aged man.
          We all come across such situations daily and not once but many times during the day. As being the third world country we are adversely poverty-stricken and have a bad economy and as a result the number of jobless and poor individuals are numerous. The poor are really poor and the rich are filthy rich. There is no circulation of wealth from rich community to the poor as it used to be in Islamic Era. Let us take the Caliphate of Hazrat Umar Farooq R.A. During his time he ensured that not a single individual was left hungry and starved. Islamic history abounds in such examples but now the rich monopolize the wealth and hoard which is utterly an act of sin. Constant giving out in Charity whether openly or secretly is commanded by Islam :
            " Those who spend of their goods at night and by day, in secret and in public,
             have their reward with their Lord : on them shall be no fear, nor shall they
             grieve."  2:274

  Today only a few God-fearing people are out there who have assets and they spend them on the necessitous.
            On the roads, on traffic lights, at mosques, outside schools ,colleges and almost everywhere we see men,women and even children begging. We see them and just ignore them , when they come near our car's window we raise the glass of window, when we see them on our way we just change our way . We just don't care and ponder upon the fact that they are not out from their homes ( or no homes for those who are homeless ) on their own. But they are forced to do so and the factor which has brought them out is poverty. No one gets out on road in this unfair world on his will and happiness but the circumstances make them to. No one wants his self-respect and dignity scarred and affected. Who knows that the man who is apparently looking healthy man is actually afflicted by some disease for which he needs money, a woman who is crying on your window is not pretending but has famished infants at home, a child who is lamenting for alms has had nothing to eat for days.
           No doubt there are many of these who are out on roads on daily basis and now it's  kind of their hobby or as people call it their business to beg and then relish on the money earned . But there are a few if not many of them who are really in need and are deprived of . Those who are not getting food- the basic necessity of life - even to fill their tummies. Those who are in real disastrous condition. Those who are yearning for a single morsel. And these individuals when pushed to extreme , we call them thieves .
           We need to devise a system for the welfare of poor community in our society so that there is no more poverty and crime in the country. No more beggary and privation. Our Government needs to work out such infrastructure which would provide the penniless beggars and poor people with at least basic necessities of life. This is why the system of 'Bay-Tul-Maal' was established in Islamic period i.e to guarantee the circulation of wealth from the affluent to the impoverished so that a harmony is maintained . Though there is a Bay-Tul-Maal in our country but unfortunately not working properly. Had there been a just and proper function of existing Bay-Tul-Maal the beggary would not be rampant.
          Because the society who doesn't care for the poor is the  most despicable one.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan and its Significance

Ramadan is here with its blessings and bounties. The month of sole righteousness and purity.

         This sacred month enlightens the heart and soul of every Muslim across the globe whether he belongs to The Africa or Asia. Each one of us tries his best to take full advantage of the month as this is the time when we can have forgiveness of almost all our past sins. We pray, recite and control our conscience from the foul thoughts.
        As it is commonly said , " Ramadan means : Hear no evil , see no evil and speak no evil."
Which means block our ears to the sinful words, blind our eyes to the vulgar sights and tie our tongue from swearing and dirty talks.
Is Ramadan just that ? Just these are the requirements of this month ? No, Ramadan is a lot more than this. It also tells us to  'think no evil ' and 'do no evil' . Thinking evil like plotting treacherous & harmful schemes against someone in jealousy and hatred & doing evil like acting upon these hideous schemes.
          In this month the rewards of our ibadah are multiplied so we try our level best doing all the nice deeds like giving more time to prayers, recitation, worshiping Allah and refrain ourselves from eating ,drinking & meaningless talks . Ibadah also include the control of bad thoughts, restraint from venomous acts and most of all control over our speech. That is controlling the voluntary organ we have that hurts people around us involuntarily. We should use it in worshiping the Creator rather than using it to harm His creatures. We need to observe all the rituals of Ramadan with full devotion but we must also learn to control our temper and the hurtful words coming out of our mouth because this is what the month teaches us - Self Control . And most importantly we should not forget the needy and deserving people & should open our pockets to them in form of Zakat .
          What is required of us in this Holy month is to take our hands off all the evil doings and divert ourselves towards the reverent deeds. These deeds that ensure the purity of heart and mind and hence cleanse our soul of all the impurities. If this is achieved then our steps will automatically lead us on to the path of virtue and piety  . May Allah help us in observing this venerable month with complete continence and shower His blessings onto us in this month and all over the year. Ameen


Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Sunshine Mr. Cuddles

Hello Mr. Cuddles my cuddly guy
Look here, look right into my eye,

Did you miss me all day?
All this time I was away

Aw my poor baby I know you did
But now I am here my little kid,

Oh your  face look at it
Why so sad smile a bit,

Yeah my snowball just like this
Here on your cheek comes the kiss,

Come in my arms,come and snuggle
And that is why I call you my Mr.Cuddles,

Now we will share stories of all day long
And will sleep in each others' warmth.

 © Emmy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rainbow Of Friendship

When it rains while it's sunny,many of us if not all get a chance to see that seven coloured neon film. Those seven closely adherent hues that give our eyes the captivating view.
              Yes, I am talking about the rainbow which spans a continuous spectrum of colours.This wonder of nature might be just an enthralling scene for everyone,but, for me it means a lot more than just a blend of colours.When I look at this combination up in the rainy sky, I see people which mean a lot to me, and they are not just people but my seven best girl friends who bring enchanting colors in my life.
                The seven bands sticking together after the rain and in the sunshine not for once but remaining united every time you get to see them. My friends are just the same, they stay unified  in every hardship and grievance and never part.The point is everyone stays with you in times of glee and merriment but those who remain with you in bad times are the ones worth calling Real Friends or Best Friends.
            The friends I have are the real ones and they are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile even though I am sad inside.

They tease, They prank, They support, They care
They smile, They hug, They love, They share.

They are the seven colours from which I collect enlightenment everyday.They are the delicate flowers that colour my senses with their delightful scents.They are the priceless pearls which I keep carefully tied in string so that this necklace of pearls never breaks apart.If any one of them is absent,it feels like there's something missing and day does pass but that feeling of having lost something doesn't leave me until I meet all seven of them the next day.It is same as the rainbow arc in which each colour has its own place and together they look captivating giving each other the ultimate strength and stability.
             Each colour of rainbow has following meanings in my life :
VIOLET : Colour which is the sign of unconditional love,sensitivity and compassion.
                  Qualities of you Fizza.
INDIGO : Colour symbolizing integrity,sincerity,selflessness and faithfulness.
                  Describe you well Izza.
BLUE :    Colour representing honesty,loyalty,sincerity,calmness,care and concern.
                  Attributes of you Arshea.
GREEN :  Colour depicting harmony,balance,generosity,loyalty,down to earth and reliability.
                    Explains you Abira.
YELLOW : Colour symbolic of happiness,cheerfulness,fun,confidence,wisdom and
                    Define you Aneeqa.
ORANGE : Colour for warmth,self confidence, happiness, flamboyance,warm hearted ,
                    and sociable.
                    Characteristics of you Naila.
RED :        Colour signalling leadership,confidence,power,passion,courage and love.
                  Aspects of you Hafsa.

And me? I am the one who gets charmed and lured by the warmth of these seven bright and flamboyant colours that will never fade out and be there around me always like the air.
At the end I would like to quote :
     "If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them. I'd be
      at the bottom to catch them."

Love You All <3


Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Am Sorry Mom

Card I made for my Mum.

A poem I wrote once, when my mom got displeased by me. 

I've been rude with you , I shout at you , I hurt you bad & I've always been a jerk .
But today I admit it & I want to apologize
You be the truth in the heap of lies,

  I'm short of words to tell that how much I love you and how much you mean to me.........

You're the shade in scorching summer & warmth in chilling winter
You're like the selfless sun that enlightens even after its departure,

Your love is like the wind which ain't visible
But always perceptible,

You're the world to me
Without you fragile I will be,

You may feel that I have no love & affection
But I do care mom & I will always be looking up to you for right direction,

When you hug me and when after anger your heart melts
Feels like I own some priceless assets and abundant wealth,

Without you I can't imagine a moment
I will always turn to you in any torment,

You make me brave,you make me strong
You're the first place I run when anything goes wrong,

I am sorry mother,I am sorry mom
To my heart you're a mellifluous melody & a perfect song .


Friday, May 18, 2012

Capricious Gal

There's this girl I know
Whom I never understand somehow,

Most of the times she is impudent
Never knows when her words hurt someone,

She's confusing , She's aggressive
She's cold , She's passive,

Sits beside you and never talks
Whatever you suggest she mocks,

Whatever she decides is final always
Any change in it no ways,

She's sad when you think she's happy
She's emotionless, not at all sappy,

May be I am being touchy and way too sensitive
But what should I do I have no alternative,

Whatever she is , she is my friend
And I will love her till the end .


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forever Yours

 A poem that me and two of my friends wrote randomly today .
What comes next?
Profound silence or an unworthy test?
An unfinished vow, an unwritten text
Hurted feelings, crying heart in the chest
The breaking burden, the sheer stress
No one to rely on, no one to caress
Rely on me, leave the rest
Will you give me Love at your best ?
Try, put me through a test
What if complicated all it gets ?
All the feelings turn up in a violent gust
And all the seasons went dry as dust
Will you give me your love at your best?
There remains no one worthy of trust
But there is a secret garden in her,
Where she seeks refuge whenever it recurs
The wonder of which still lingers
And there to herself she murmurs
There can be no one who can give me Love at the best
Half of it is spent & With your loving memories I will spend the rest..
  ~Emmy,firefly, Tara mir .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Incandescent Love

Here I sit close to you
Staring deep in those hazel eyes
Beyond the glimmer and those pearls
I see a struggling soul in demise,

All the composure and the strength
The attributes of him that never shake
I see them long gone in valley forlorn
Giving a vibe that the poise is about to break,

Scared, I shift my eyes away from his
Holding his hands in mine I kiss
Assuring that we can , as we did
There's nothing to be afraid after the bid,

All these years we've been through
There came hardships but we remained true
Winning against those arduous battles
Proved at the end it's love that matters,

Then appeared a surge of life on his face
And there he smiled with bountiful grace

He whispered holding my hands tight
Stay with me as you are the essence of my life
You are my hope you are the light
That makes the gloomiest moments bright,

We will stick together till the end
To all the miseries we will stand
Like unyielding wall that never sways
In all the afflictions our Love will ace .


Friday, May 11, 2012

Beauty Of Rain

Sitting beside the windowpane
I see outside the tiny drops of rain,
Soft drops coming down
Like a beautiful symphony they're producing sound,
Enthralled by their captivating charm
All the atmosphere is so calm,
Cool air is pushing open the door
My heart is happy to the core,
I stand out in rain with my arms stretched
On my heart now joy and happiness is etched,
Transparent drops wetting my hair
Now there will be no moment of despair,
Gentle breeze is touching my face
And soothing drops are adding to its grace,
In a queue are arranged the drops of rain
Like beautiful pearls in a chain,
I wish it would rain and rain
So that it may take away all my pain.

©Emmy .

Dying Soul

Darkness is dominating everywhere
My luck, my life , even the rays of sun
Everything is drenched in gloom in long run,
Every individual seems happy except me
As my soul is crying I can see,
Feels like I never came across any joy
Seems like my life's objective is just to wail and cry,
All faces are shining with glory and pride
But for me it's still a gloom,scary night,
I'm badly entangled like a struggling fly in sticky web
Every move I make, grabs me even worse,
There is no sign of delight,happiness and smile
Nor a moment of relief for a little while,
Yes I got defeated willingly to know
Who actually cares if I get a blow,
I'm drowning in the sea of eternal tears
As the time of my departure nears,
Hey! worldly people if my eyes close don't weep
Because I'm already a dead,purposeless soul scarred in deep.

©Emmy .

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Yes I Will

The other day I was with my friends and we were going to the hostel.We had plans to watch a movie together in friend's room. It was seven of us .We crossed the road and bought some mini cakes from a bakery across the road.
        I'm a second year medical student and our college's hostel is at few minutes walk from our college.So after getting out of the bakery we headed towards our destination,chattering and giggling along the way.It was a sunny day and the roads were flooding with traffic.As we reached the middle of the road leisure walking,we saw something heart rending,a scene which we  had never witnessed before.We saw a car hitting a motorcycle rashly & the next moment nothing was visible because of the people crowding around the spot.We kept walking,at a faster pace now.A car passed passing by us driving away with the driver's door open.It seemed like the car driver was in hurry.One of my friends exclaimed, "OMG! It is the same car that hit the bike" , but the moment we realized,the car was out of sight.
      We glanced across the road at the place where the accident had occurred ,but still we couldn't see anything,all we could see was a shoe right in the middle of the road - the shoe of the victim.Sometime later as the people moved away our eyes witnessed a man holding in his arms a badly lacerated man. His face was profusely bleeding,there was blood all over his face and he was unconscious,he was not moving.It was a young, decent looking man but his bleeding wound was not decent, it was deep and worse. We couldn't believe our eye,we were literally shocked and terrified.We stood there astounded ,staring at the man, his face, the blood.I don't know why,why the people were just standing there getting amused.Why was no one taking the poor man to the hospital which was only a few minutes away? Traffic constable was there doing nothing,may be they had already called 115 or they all were waiting for the injured man to pass away.
         A man on bicycle crossed us commenting, " Look! Doctors are standing there doing nothing!" May be he said that because of our white over alls.He didn't know that we are not professionals but just students and students of 2nd year. To avoid such further comments we started walking away, even faster now , as we didn't know what else to do. After getting hostel we didn't talk much,our hearts were filled with pity and minds were boggled. We dismissed our plans of watching movie and hanging out. After getting home I tried not to think of it but all in vain. It was running in my mind like a movie,all of it crystal clear. I spent the day restlessly and before sleeping I promised myself that I will go to hospital's Emergency tomorrow and inquire about that man if he's fine. Is he okay? Did he bleed too much? Is he out of danger? And If he's not, is he gonna survive this? The next day I told my friends that we should go to the hospital and ask about that man's condition but none of them agreed. They said it's not that simple and is dangerous. May be he didn't make it and it might a police case. I tried convincing them that as human beings if not as doctors we should go,that's the least we can do. But i got a simple 'No.'
             I didn't stop at this and went to a very good teacher of mine ,discussed the matter with her & asked for her advice. She said that there was nothing wrong in going hospital and inquire as you are medical students and future doctors and that there was nothing dangerous in asking about him. On this my friends agreed and at last we went to the hospital's emergency. We went in and stopped on reception. I told the receptionist that there occurred a road accident in front of medical college yesterday and asked if they filed in that accident's victim. He answered that they get many of such cases each day. I asked him to check in if he recorded any case around 1.30 pm. He opened his register, searched through it and informed us that there were two accident cases yesterday and they were around 9.30am and 11.30am. I requested him to check again but there was no such case actually.  We were disappointed at it and talked about where could they possibly have taken him because it was the nearest hospital possible.
         This story got concluded that day but my questions still haunt me. Did he survive? Did he ever breathe again? Is he still alive? These are the queries that remained unanswered and never will be answered. But one thing I know and I am sure of , when I would finally be a Doctor one day , I will be fair with my profession and will do everything possible to save a patient's life and prove that passerby on the bicycle wrong.

© Emmy.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

The Cake I Brought For My Parents :)
Today was my parent's 24th Wedding Anniversary. So, I was just sitting, thinking of what greetings should I write on the card and this poem came up in my mind in a matter of minutes.Here it goes.

No words can ever tell how precious you are,
If mom is the moon , dad you're a star

You both work ceaseless for us day in day out,
You are the best parents no doubt

Your smile gives warmth to our heart,
In all our achievements you have the greatest part

We wish you all the happiness in life,
May you be the exemplary husband and wife.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Melissa

Meli my awesome gal, I Love You
I really do,

No matter how many miles apart
You house right here in my heart,

You are the cutest friend ever
Lovely , gorgeous and sweetly clever,

I wish you all the happiness in life
May you get all you want and foe what you strive,

May the smile always adorn your face
Whatever field you step in you ace,

My Meli Happy Birthday
Have a joyful & epic day today.

Emmy ©

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss You

In the silence of the prevailing darkness,
I Miss You.
Miss your cheerful voice,
And that promising smile
Which makes the gloomiest times worthwhile.
Your unshakable faith in me,
And your saying 'Believe You Me'
Miss that solemn voice asking forgiveness,
Even though I'm to be blamed for all the mess.
Your one look into my eyes and everything seems perfect,
You're a magician with mesmerizing powers.
I wish you stay in my life forever and for always,
And together we grow old and age.


Where Are You

Looking your way for two years now..
When will you be back? I'm missing you bad.
And thought of you once being there is making me sad.
What did I do, I don't have a clue.
I'm feeling blue without you..
I miss the time spent,
In your intimacy and company.
My face still remembers the delicacy of your soft touch,
Your enchanting blow waving my golden hair,
And I'm here, In empty space I stare,
and all I come up with is despair,
with no signs of you coming any near.
With every tick my heart kindles a ray of hope,
and though my heart reflects the gleaming light,
Its infact the illusion of your eye,
for the shattered pieces of glass, which,
once broken, leave unhealing wounds and numbness.