Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Am Sorry Mom

Card I made for my Mum.

A poem I wrote once, when my mom got displeased by me. 

I've been rude with you , I shout at you , I hurt you bad & I've always been a jerk .
But today I admit it & I want to apologize
You be the truth in the heap of lies,

  I'm short of words to tell that how much I love you and how much you mean to me.........

You're the shade in scorching summer & warmth in chilling winter
You're like the selfless sun that enlightens even after its departure,

Your love is like the wind which ain't visible
But always perceptible,

You're the world to me
Without you fragile I will be,

You may feel that I have no love & affection
But I do care mom & I will always be looking up to you for right direction,

When you hug me and when after anger your heart melts
Feels like I own some priceless assets and abundant wealth,

Without you I can't imagine a moment
I will always turn to you in any torment,

You make me brave,you make me strong
You're the first place I run when anything goes wrong,

I am sorry mother,I am sorry mom
To my heart you're a mellifluous melody & a perfect song .