Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rainbow Of Friendship

When it rains while it's sunny,many of us if not all get a chance to see that seven coloured neon film. Those seven closely adherent hues that give our eyes the captivating view.
              Yes, I am talking about the rainbow which spans a continuous spectrum of colours.This wonder of nature might be just an enthralling scene for everyone,but, for me it means a lot more than just a blend of colours.When I look at this combination up in the rainy sky, I see people which mean a lot to me, and they are not just people but my seven best girl friends who bring enchanting colors in my life.
                The seven bands sticking together after the rain and in the sunshine not for once but remaining united every time you get to see them. My friends are just the same, they stay unified  in every hardship and grievance and never part.The point is everyone stays with you in times of glee and merriment but those who remain with you in bad times are the ones worth calling Real Friends or Best Friends.
            The friends I have are the real ones and they are the reason I wake up every morning with a smile even though I am sad inside.

They tease, They prank, They support, They care
They smile, They hug, They love, They share.

They are the seven colours from which I collect enlightenment everyday.They are the delicate flowers that colour my senses with their delightful scents.They are the priceless pearls which I keep carefully tied in string so that this necklace of pearls never breaks apart.If any one of them is absent,it feels like there's something missing and day does pass but that feeling of having lost something doesn't leave me until I meet all seven of them the next day.It is same as the rainbow arc in which each colour has its own place and together they look captivating giving each other the ultimate strength and stability.
             Each colour of rainbow has following meanings in my life :
VIOLET : Colour which is the sign of unconditional love,sensitivity and compassion.
                  Qualities of you Fizza.
INDIGO : Colour symbolizing integrity,sincerity,selflessness and faithfulness.
                  Describe you well Izza.
BLUE :    Colour representing honesty,loyalty,sincerity,calmness,care and concern.
                  Attributes of you Arshea.
GREEN :  Colour depicting harmony,balance,generosity,loyalty,down to earth and reliability.
                    Explains you Abira.
YELLOW : Colour symbolic of happiness,cheerfulness,fun,confidence,wisdom and
                    Define you Aneeqa.
ORANGE : Colour for warmth,self confidence, happiness, flamboyance,warm hearted ,
                    and sociable.
                    Characteristics of you Naila.
RED :        Colour signalling leadership,confidence,power,passion,courage and love.
                  Aspects of you Hafsa.

And me? I am the one who gets charmed and lured by the warmth of these seven bright and flamboyant colours that will never fade out and be there around me always like the air.
At the end I would like to quote :
     "If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them. I'd be
      at the bottom to catch them."

Love You All <3



  1. u mean d same to us emmy.. :))

  2. aah I got the same 7 friends =) It was fun read. I read this post while playing this one in background.

    May Allah bless you and your friends. Aameen.

  3. love you the most.
    you know you can count on us =)

  4. thanks frandss <3
    thanks Nomi and that's so sweet :)

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