Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carved In Love

I sit here , jotting down my thoughts into words, thinking of him,missing him . But I know he must be doing the same , missing me and smiling at thoughts of me. Does it matter if  he doesn't express it in words? Does it even count that he can't write down his feelings into a prose? No it doesn't. All that matters is , he was the first one to engrave my name onto his heart. Engrave so intense that it can never be erased , can never be wiped off like the mere words put down on a piece of paper that can be destroyed by any mean and then there is no mark left . No proof that those words ever existed. But the writings on his heart are so visible to me because every time he looks into my eyes , what I see is the depth of emotions , the feelings, the burning desire of making me his only and the urge to scream and tell the world that yes she is mine.
 At times my eyes shed tears of I don't know happiness or what at his selflessness, at his unparalled love. And after that my eyes envision more clearly & the straight line under my nose turns to a downward curve , my cheeks bulge out and my heart races . Because it hides secretly a marking ,similar to the one he possesses.