Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forever Yours

 A poem that me and two of my friends wrote randomly today .
What comes next?
Profound silence or an unworthy test?
An unfinished vow, an unwritten text
Hurted feelings, crying heart in the chest
The breaking burden, the sheer stress
No one to rely on, no one to caress
Rely on me, leave the rest
Will you give me Love at your best ?
Try, put me through a test
What if complicated all it gets ?
All the feelings turn up in a violent gust
And all the seasons went dry as dust
Will you give me your love at your best?
There remains no one worthy of trust
But there is a secret garden in her,
Where she seeks refuge whenever it recurs
The wonder of which still lingers
And there to herself she murmurs
There can be no one who can give me Love at the best
Half of it is spent & With your loving memories I will spend the rest..
  ~Emmy,firefly, Tara mir .

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