Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Melissa

Meli my awesome gal, I Love You
I really do,

No matter how many miles apart
You house right here in my heart,

You are the cutest friend ever
Lovely , gorgeous and sweetly clever,

I wish you all the happiness in life
May you get all you want and foe what you strive,

May the smile always adorn your face
Whatever field you step in you ace,

My Meli Happy Birthday
Have a joyful & epic day today.

Emmy ©

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss You

In the silence of the prevailing darkness,
I Miss You.
Miss your cheerful voice,
And that promising smile
Which makes the gloomiest times worthwhile.
Your unshakable faith in me,
And your saying 'Believe You Me'
Miss that solemn voice asking forgiveness,
Even though I'm to be blamed for all the mess.
Your one look into my eyes and everything seems perfect,
You're a magician with mesmerizing powers.
I wish you stay in my life forever and for always,
And together we grow old and age.


Where Are You

Looking your way for two years now..
When will you be back? I'm missing you bad.
And thought of you once being there is making me sad.
What did I do, I don't have a clue.
I'm feeling blue without you..
I miss the time spent,
In your intimacy and company.
My face still remembers the delicacy of your soft touch,
Your enchanting blow waving my golden hair,
And I'm here, In empty space I stare,
and all I come up with is despair,
with no signs of you coming any near.
With every tick my heart kindles a ray of hope,
and though my heart reflects the gleaming light,
Its infact the illusion of your eye,
for the shattered pieces of glass, which,
once broken, leave unhealing wounds and numbness.