Friday, May 11, 2012

Dying Soul

Darkness is dominating everywhere
My luck, my life , even the rays of sun
Everything is drenched in gloom in long run,
Every individual seems happy except me
As my soul is crying I can see,
Feels like I never came across any joy
Seems like my life's objective is just to wail and cry,
All faces are shining with glory and pride
But for me it's still a gloom,scary night,
I'm badly entangled like a struggling fly in sticky web
Every move I make, grabs me even worse,
There is no sign of delight,happiness and smile
Nor a moment of relief for a little while,
Yes I got defeated willingly to know
Who actually cares if I get a blow,
I'm drowning in the sea of eternal tears
As the time of my departure nears,
Hey! worldly people if my eyes close don't weep
Because I'm already a dead,purposeless soul scarred in deep.

©Emmy .