Friday, May 18, 2012

Capricious Gal

There's this girl I know
Whom I never understand somehow,

Most of the times she is impudent
Never knows when her words hurt someone,

She's confusing , She's aggressive
She's cold , She's passive,

Sits beside you and never talks
Whatever you suggest she mocks,

Whatever she decides is final always
Any change in it no ways,

She's sad when you think she's happy
She's emotionless, not at all sappy,

May be I am being touchy and way too sensitive
But what should I do I have no alternative,

Whatever she is , she is my friend
And I will love her till the end .



  1. its not me right?or is it?

  2. who are u talkin about binte?

  3. you are a brilliant writer Amna! keep going

  4. thankyou wingedfury :) . have we talked before?

  5. yess we have. can you guess who i am??