Monday, July 30, 2012

A Shooting Star

Sitting by the window pane
I stare right up
Into the bleak ceiling of gloom
Gleaming in which are pearls large and small,
I wonder if their life is just as mine
That if they have to glisten all the time,
Without any expectation of taking back
Giving all the empowerment silently no clack,
There right in the middle that star is dim
Hey, why do you look so sad & grim,
Did someone betray you without any sin
Took away your liveliness in a round prelim
Oh you! We seem just akin,
But Hey! Don't you lose your heart dear
Once this sheer darkness shatters it will be all clear,
Stop thinking about those who don't care
Those at you who taunt and sneer,
Get up and glaze now in full power
Because this world will put you down every hour,
Stand upright without any quivering
Shine upon the darkness and continue delivering,
On those who actually do have a concern
Their cheer and happiness you gotta earn,
Suddenly in the night sky there was a sharp fizz
I saw a streak of light and heard a whiz,
I smiled and kept staring at the bloom
Knowing someone has realized its worth & now there will be no gloom.