Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Of Rain And Hope

Goodbye to the bad days
Days of affliction and dismay,
Here comes a brand new day
Enlightening my life all the way,
The sky is all stained in grey
Darting in which there is a band of jays,
 The chirping birds singing the song of praise
And the cool breeze adding to its grace,
The gentle wind blowing her fringe away
As she whispers farewell to the gloomy days,
The cottony balls drenched in black
Flowing past the head in undulating gait,
She jumps in joy and cries out all gay
Hello clouds of bliss stay here and don't you sway,
Spreading her arms like a carefree bird
She soars high in the joyous moment her prayers heard,
As the first drop touches her skin
The smile on her lips turns to a grin,
She flutters in the showers like there's no tomorrow
No more spells of grief no sorrow,
As the flowers sprout on a dwindling bough
There is accomplishment of the unfulfilled vows .



  1. Ahaa.. This was somerhing completely worth reading bint! I enjoyed it. Well done