Saturday, September 28, 2013


You say you care for me
But did you ever say you would
be there for me?

You say you need me
But did you ever say you
can't live without me?

You say you make me smile
But did you ever say there would
be no happiness without me?

You say you are pretty
But did you ever say your
soul is beautiful ?

You say life is marvelous with you
But did you ever say there would
be no life without me?

You say you brighten up my day
But did you ever say there would
be no light without me?

You say you love me
But did you ever say you are
in love with me?

~ Emmy

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Carved In Love

I sit here , jotting down my thoughts into words, thinking of him,missing him . But I know he must be doing the same , missing me and smiling at thoughts of me. Does it matter if  he doesn't express it in words? Does it even count that he can't write down his feelings into a prose? No it doesn't. All that matters is , he was the first one to engrave my name onto his heart. Engrave so intense that it can never be erased , can never be wiped off like the mere words put down on a piece of paper that can be destroyed by any mean and then there is no mark left . No proof that those words ever existed. But the writings on his heart are so visible to me because every time he looks into my eyes , what I see is the depth of emotions , the feelings, the burning desire of making me his only and the urge to scream and tell the world that yes she is mine.
 At times my eyes shed tears of I don't know happiness or what at his selflessness, at his unparalled love. And after that my eyes envision more clearly & the straight line under my nose turns to a downward curve , my cheeks bulge out and my heart races . Because it hides secretly a marking ,similar to the one he possesses.


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

O Allah Be There!

Prof is so near
Oh Allah this burden
help us bear
You are the Only one
to Whom I'm so dear
I know You won't let me
be in fear
And I won't shed a tear
Because with Your help
every exam I can clear.
This is my humble prayer
for all the fellows I care
May we pass through
this somber time
like a rocketeer .

Ameen .


Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Here I am struck, struck by two
If one is caring ,other one is true,
I feel devastated and my world is torn
And here I lay in the land forlorn,
These depressing thoughts will drive me mad
Now I wish that none I ever had,
Done with the weeping and shedding of tears
What I need is to overcome my fears,
But now I have this, this decision I made
Get rid of this insanity and give yourself a break,
Stop caring about others and their lives
Its yours only yours happiness for which you should strive.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All About Him

He is the one who brings smile on my face
He is the one with un paralled grace,
He is a beauty , he's a perfection
And to me he always shows affection,
His words like melody , his touch ecstasy
His eyes take me to the land of fantasy,
Where I will love him for all my life
For that no matter how hard i'd have to strive,
His breath a fragrance, his embrace an evasion
To the heavens of delectation, the asylum of gratifications,
His caress a temptation, His glance a realization
Of the dreams of felicitation
Of the fantasies once envisioned,
And his Smile
His smile a satisfaction, an avocation, a medication, an incantation.


Monday, July 30, 2012

A Shooting Star

Sitting by the window pane
I stare right up
Into the bleak ceiling of gloom
Gleaming in which are pearls large and small,
I wonder if their life is just as mine
That if they have to glisten all the time,
Without any expectation of taking back
Giving all the empowerment silently no clack,
There right in the middle that star is dim
Hey, why do you look so sad & grim,
Did someone betray you without any sin
Took away your liveliness in a round prelim
Oh you! We seem just akin,
But Hey! Don't you lose your heart dear
Once this sheer darkness shatters it will be all clear,
Stop thinking about those who don't care
Those at you who taunt and sneer,
Get up and glaze now in full power
Because this world will put you down every hour,
Stand upright without any quivering
Shine upon the darkness and continue delivering,
On those who actually do have a concern
Their cheer and happiness you gotta earn,
Suddenly in the night sky there was a sharp fizz
I saw a streak of light and heard a whiz,
I smiled and kept staring at the bloom
Knowing someone has realized its worth & now there will be no gloom.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Of Rain And Hope

Goodbye to the bad days
Days of affliction and dismay,
Here comes a brand new day
Enlightening my life all the way,
The sky is all stained in grey
Darting in which there is a band of jays,
 The chirping birds singing the song of praise
And the cool breeze adding to its grace,
The gentle wind blowing her fringe away
As she whispers farewell to the gloomy days,
The cottony balls drenched in black
Flowing past the head in undulating gait,
She jumps in joy and cries out all gay
Hello clouds of bliss stay here and don't you sway,
Spreading her arms like a carefree bird
She soars high in the joyous moment her prayers heard,
As the first drop touches her skin
The smile on her lips turns to a grin,
She flutters in the showers like there's no tomorrow
No more spells of grief no sorrow,
As the flowers sprout on a dwindling bough
There is accomplishment of the unfulfilled vows .