Wednesday, July 20, 2011


this is one of the poems written by me and i personally like this poem.

Sometimes when I sit in peace
I think of the world of today
Due to which I can't bring my mind ease

I wonder why everywhere there is fire of hatred
And why people don't consider eachothers' life sacred
Where all the love has vanished?
Why hearts of people are perished?
Why man is not helping the one in need?
Why there is so much avarice and greed?
Why people have become so numb?
Don't feel the pain of necessitous,they all stupid and dumb

After long reflection it came to my mind
The world has gone thoroughly blind
These selfish people are like preserved mummies
Who care for nothing except their tummies
All this self-centered stuff has no worth
They are merciless and senseless by birth
They have got no path to pave
All of them are mutt and knave

Is this was the purpose for man to create?
O Man! You yourself narrate.