Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadan and its Significance

Ramadan is here with its blessings and bounties. The month of sole righteousness and purity.

         This sacred month enlightens the heart and soul of every Muslim across the globe whether he belongs to The Africa or Asia. Each one of us tries his best to take full advantage of the month as this is the time when we can have forgiveness of almost all our past sins. We pray, recite and control our conscience from the foul thoughts.
        As it is commonly said , " Ramadan means : Hear no evil , see no evil and speak no evil."
Which means block our ears to the sinful words, blind our eyes to the vulgar sights and tie our tongue from swearing and dirty talks.
Is Ramadan just that ? Just these are the requirements of this month ? No, Ramadan is a lot more than this. It also tells us to  'think no evil ' and 'do no evil' . Thinking evil like plotting treacherous & harmful schemes against someone in jealousy and hatred & doing evil like acting upon these hideous schemes.
          In this month the rewards of our ibadah are multiplied so we try our level best doing all the nice deeds like giving more time to prayers, recitation, worshiping Allah and refrain ourselves from eating ,drinking & meaningless talks . Ibadah also include the control of bad thoughts, restraint from venomous acts and most of all control over our speech. That is controlling the voluntary organ we have that hurts people around us involuntarily. We should use it in worshiping the Creator rather than using it to harm His creatures. We need to observe all the rituals of Ramadan with full devotion but we must also learn to control our temper and the hurtful words coming out of our mouth because this is what the month teaches us - Self Control . And most importantly we should not forget the needy and deserving people & should open our pockets to them in form of Zakat .
          What is required of us in this Holy month is to take our hands off all the evil doings and divert ourselves towards the reverent deeds. These deeds that ensure the purity of heart and mind and hence cleanse our soul of all the impurities. If this is achieved then our steps will automatically lead us on to the path of virtue and piety  . May Allah help us in observing this venerable month with complete continence and shower His blessings onto us in this month and all over the year. Ameen


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