Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Yes I Will

The other day I was with my friends and we were going to the hostel.We had plans to watch a movie together in friend's room. It was seven of us .We crossed the road and bought some mini cakes from a bakery across the road.
        I'm a second year medical student and our college's hostel is at few minutes walk from our college.So after getting out of the bakery we headed towards our destination,chattering and giggling along the way.It was a sunny day and the roads were flooding with traffic.As we reached the middle of the road leisure walking,we saw something heart rending,a scene which we  had never witnessed before.We saw a car hitting a motorcycle rashly & the next moment nothing was visible because of the people crowding around the spot.We kept walking,at a faster pace now.A car passed passing by us driving away with the driver's door open.It seemed like the car driver was in hurry.One of my friends exclaimed, "OMG! It is the same car that hit the bike" , but the moment we realized,the car was out of sight.
      We glanced across the road at the place where the accident had occurred ,but still we couldn't see anything,all we could see was a shoe right in the middle of the road - the shoe of the victim.Sometime later as the people moved away our eyes witnessed a man holding in his arms a badly lacerated man. His face was profusely bleeding,there was blood all over his face and he was unconscious,he was not moving.It was a young, decent looking man but his bleeding wound was not decent, it was deep and worse. We couldn't believe our eye,we were literally shocked and terrified.We stood there astounded ,staring at the man, his face, the blood.I don't know why,why the people were just standing there getting amused.Why was no one taking the poor man to the hospital which was only a few minutes away? Traffic constable was there doing nothing,may be they had already called 115 or they all were waiting for the injured man to pass away.
         A man on bicycle crossed us commenting, " Look! Doctors are standing there doing nothing!" May be he said that because of our white over alls.He didn't know that we are not professionals but just students and students of 2nd year. To avoid such further comments we started walking away, even faster now , as we didn't know what else to do. After getting hostel we didn't talk much,our hearts were filled with pity and minds were boggled. We dismissed our plans of watching movie and hanging out. After getting home I tried not to think of it but all in vain. It was running in my mind like a movie,all of it crystal clear. I spent the day restlessly and before sleeping I promised myself that I will go to hospital's Emergency tomorrow and inquire about that man if he's fine. Is he okay? Did he bleed too much? Is he out of danger? And If he's not, is he gonna survive this? The next day I told my friends that we should go to the hospital and ask about that man's condition but none of them agreed. They said it's not that simple and is dangerous. May be he didn't make it and it might a police case. I tried convincing them that as human beings if not as doctors we should go,that's the least we can do. But i got a simple 'No.'
             I didn't stop at this and went to a very good teacher of mine ,discussed the matter with her & asked for her advice. She said that there was nothing wrong in going hospital and inquire as you are medical students and future doctors and that there was nothing dangerous in asking about him. On this my friends agreed and at last we went to the hospital's emergency. We went in and stopped on reception. I told the receptionist that there occurred a road accident in front of medical college yesterday and asked if they filed in that accident's victim. He answered that they get many of such cases each day. I asked him to check in if he recorded any case around 1.30 pm. He opened his register, searched through it and informed us that there were two accident cases yesterday and they were around 9.30am and 11.30am. I requested him to check again but there was no such case actually.  We were disappointed at it and talked about where could they possibly have taken him because it was the nearest hospital possible.
         This story got concluded that day but my questions still haunt me. Did he survive? Did he ever breathe again? Is he still alive? These are the queries that remained unanswered and never will be answered. But one thing I know and I am sure of , when I would finally be a Doctor one day , I will be fair with my profession and will do everything possible to save a patient's life and prove that passerby on the bicycle wrong.

© Emmy.