Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Incandescent Love

Here I sit close to you
Staring deep in those hazel eyes
Beyond the glimmer and those pearls
I see a struggling soul in demise,

All the composure and the strength
The attributes of him that never shake
I see them long gone in valley forlorn
Giving a vibe that the poise is about to break,

Scared, I shift my eyes away from his
Holding his hands in mine I kiss
Assuring that we can , as we did
There's nothing to be afraid after the bid,

All these years we've been through
There came hardships but we remained true
Winning against those arduous battles
Proved at the end it's love that matters,

Then appeared a surge of life on his face
And there he smiled with bountiful grace

He whispered holding my hands tight
Stay with me as you are the essence of my life
You are my hope you are the light
That makes the gloomiest moments bright,

We will stick together till the end
To all the miseries we will stand
Like unyielding wall that never sways
In all the afflictions our Love will ace .