Thursday, June 23, 2011

Story Untold

pink nosed rat :D
   This story is real with a bit of additions. Hope that you people will like it :)


On the other corner of the city, I have a friend. I asked him to write this down himself but he totally refused saying " that's disgusting". But if you ask me,
i think " It's really cute."
Now you guys must be curious what is so special which has got two contradictory opinions.
So here I share the unforgetful experience of my friend with you in his pen.
One night I was sitting on my couch relaxing after a hectic day at university when I heard a rasping sound in my ears, ignoring it and thinking that it might
be some strayed cat munching on my waste basket I switched on the TV. My favorite show was being aired so forgetting everything I was endorsed in the
captivating cast and twisty story. I never knew when I was lost in beauty sleep when I was woke up by something damp creeping over my foot. Suddenly
opening eyes,scared, I looked around if there was some froggie or its mate but there was nothing like that.Everything went fine later that night but I couldn't
get more and spent the night guessing what i could be.
The following morning I went to my kitchenette humming , searching for something to eat I opened cabinet and moved the things to get hold of my cornflakes.
To my surprise I found my snacks and other food stuff ripped into bits. It was all messy not at all like I left last morning.This was the very moment when it
dawned upon my pre-occupied mind that there is something in my flat, something that's no human, something that predates human eatables and leaves it of
no use. I wanted to act and think positive that no there's nothing like that, all is well but the succeeding events forced me to - stockings having holes, kitchen
litter in living room, clattering in kitchen, books' pages with missing edges designed as by termites, loaf of bread scattered like bread crumbs on kitchen table,
clattering in kitchenware. In addition to all this , one evening I cooked myself an omlette when i got a call. I placed the plate on the kitchen slab and went to
the TV lounge to attend the call.When I was done talking I got back to take the omlette and I was astonished to find nothing like omlette,the dish was empty,
not even the last scraps of denatured spiced protein. I looked about if there was some ghost or monster who cant eat up such a huge omlette in matter of
seconds and there I found at last -a greyish , muddy tinged mammal with little nose, shiny black eyes, tiny feet and pearl white teeth biting on my food. I
stood there; surprised, revolted, angry, frustrated - amalgam of feelings. I hushed that mean creature ssshhh, hsshhh, shooo , but no , no effect on him or her,
whatever ! I don't really care.Even if it was She , she looked nothing like Katy Perry, Selena or Nina Dobrev . *sigh*
This all was too much. I told myself I can't take it anymore . After all it's my place and I have all freedom as free citizen to live alone , me and myself , not with
some unworldly creatures. So I had to take an action right away. I discussed it with my friend and surprisingly she told me that mice are cute, why don't you
take three of 'em and making a trio teach them how to sing and dance just like Dave Seville did in "Alvin And The Chipmunks." It would make you popular .
That was the point I came to the conclusion that I was all alone in this war - rightly said only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches .

Now I pondered of plans how to get rid of these repugnant beings - rat traps, rat killing pills or just a broom can do ? I tried out all this stuff ;when i set mouse trap
there left no cheese and it was there all fixed not even moved an inch , pills stayed right there under the sofa , under the dinning table , near the cabinet but i was able
to track their foot steps on them and last but not the least whenever i attempted killing 'em with broom , the one mouse that heard my foot steps heralded all others
and I stood there helpless as all the preys ran away to their bills. I thought of getting a predator catty but I gave up the idea thinking that it would do no good than
creating even more mess in my little , once neat and clean apartment. Now you might be thinking why didn't I google out as Google has got all the solutions, yes,
I agree with you but none of them were pragmatic.

After all these ordeals I'm inclined to sing :
                                       How could you be so heartless..oh
                                       How could you be so heartless ?
                                       How could you be so Dr. Evil, you
                                       bringin' out a side of me I don't know.
© Emmy▪