Monday, June 27, 2011

A Page From the Diary

hello friends, it's been tiresome day today. Well, I didn't study that much today, but I guess it was because of the effects of last day. I was at my grandma's this Sunday :). Well it was fun meeting my cousin after long, talked to her about studies and things. About today, I was all sleepy in both the lectures which were of Physiology.*darn* I was yawning and trippy and sleeping all time:D lol! And my friends asking "where were you last night ;)" Hahaha! Omg! So somehow i passed those 2 hours of torture and later got the notes of test that is tomorrow, but i haven't prepared for it yet :( i don't know what's wrong. I'm not feeling like studying -may be because of the excitement of coming SUMMER VACATIONS: D yes! i'm gonna have vacations from 1st of July and I’m so overwhelmed. and it’s getting hotter and hotter each day, every day I wish may it rain *ahh*
Right now i’m sitting in my room with BIOCHEMISTRY BOOK in front and typing for my blog :p. Well well this electricity problem is getting too far! I hate you WAPDA ! You mess uo my studies :/ I guess I should study now, so tata.. CiaoJ
Here I come - Minerals!

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